Top 5 Best DIY Wedding Décor Ideas for every budget:

Not enough budget for planning your dream wedding? No problem.

Our list is a realistic handmade wedding décor ideas that doesn’t require a ton of skills or expertise. We’re talking about affordable flower arrangements, table runners, and centerpieces to take decorating the reception tablespaces into your own hands, string lights you can easily hang on your own, and much more.

1- Get Creative with leaves: Leaves can be used creatively natural canvas for organic escort cards, table numbers, exit tosses, expert calligraphy skills are not needed, just some neat handwriting and a gold pen will do.

2- Arrange your own bouquets: Opted for foraged flowers, local greenery, picks straight from the garden, or fill in with loose stems from a local florist or farmers market to make your personalized mix. For the finishing touch, wrap the base in ribbon or leave long trails of fabric to add a little flow.

3- Self serve beverages: Self-serve beverages for the win! Dream up a beverage display that is oh-so summertime fine by pre-mixing some of your favorite drinks and serving them en-mass in glass dispensers. These in particular were filled with tequila-rich Palomas but you can go for more wholesome options like lemonade or iced tea.

4- Personalized Games: Lawn games are a must for any casual cocktail hour—there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to wet the appetite. Treat your games to a little personalization by painting a Jenga set in your wedding colors or stenciling in a cornhole setup.

5- Upcycle Furniture: Vintage chests, dressers, or bookshelves make for stunning, residential displays juxtaposed against the wilds of nature. We also love the inspired use of furniture in creating escort card displays or bars.

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